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How to Import Camera Video to iPad?

convert camera video to ipadThe iPad’s big screen is much superior than that of a smartphone for showing off videos taken by your camera. Getting photos onto the device isn’t too hard, but importing videos from your camera to iPad for share is not so easy for the video format limitation of the iPad. I have been poking around to play camera video on iPad, the best way I have tried is to use the Video to iPad Converter to transfer camera videos to iPad. This converter is an all-in-one suite for iPad video conversion, and you can convert both DVDs and video file media to iPad with this single package.

Fact speaks louder than words. Let's download and install the trial version to see what good job it could do.

play camera video on ipad Free Download to Import Camera Video to iPad Now!

Note: This guide is especially for Windows users to import video from camera to iPad, here is the iPad Video Converter for Mac for Mac users to achieve it.

Guide: How to Import Camera Video to iPad, Convert Camera Video to iPad

Step 1. Launch the Converter
Install and launch the Camera Video to iPad Converter, then choose the middle icon to run iPad Video Converter.

how to import camera video to ipad with easy steps

Step 2. Add Videos and Output Settings
Now click "Open file" to input your camera videos, then choose the "..." buttons to set output profile and output folder.

how to convert camera video to ipad for playing camera videos

Step 3. Import Camera Video to iPad
After you define the settings, what you need to do is clicking the "Convert" button to start converting camera video to iPad video format. It might take a few minutes for the conversion depending on the size of your camera videos. Do not worry! You can just have a cup of coffee or take a nap.

When the conversion done, connect iPad to your PC, launch iTunes and update your library. Once you see the new videos are in the iTunes library, you can easily get them to your iPad.

With the great application, you can also transfer Flip Video to iPad, watch TV Shows on iPad, and so on. Is it gorgeous? Just move your mouse to free download the software to import camera video to iPad right now!

camera video to ipad converter free download Free Download to Import Camera Video to iPad Now!

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